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Kevin Nealon says..."
Plant-based diet saves the Earth!

The VEGPLEDGE!TM will help you do it!

By taking the VEGPLEDGE!TM, you promise to shift towards a plant based diet for the next 60 days. That can mean, depending on your current eating habits: adding more plant foods to your diet; going vegetarian; or going vegan! You decide because --

The VEGPLEDGE!TM helps you do it all!


When you take the VEGPLEDGE!TM , you'll get a FREE copy of the 24-page long Healthy Beginnings Care Package -- one of the most comprehensive vegetarian starter kits in existence. It includes a brief discussion of many of the good reasons to shift toward a plant-based diet, as well as the most current nutritional information, recipes, tips for shopping and transitioning, and a list of great resources.

We'll also provide you with extensive online support -- as well as support from EarthSave members and the local chapters on the ground.

When you complete the VEGPLEDGE!TM and return the reporting form, you will receive a complementary, six month subscription to Vegetarian Times magazine! (offer only in the U.S.)

Take the VEGPLEDGE!TM and for 60 days you'll be taking a tremendous step toward helping this planet heal, while improving your own health. You'll save precious water and fossil fuel, reduce air pollution, reduce your intake of saturated fat and cholesterol, and learn a new and exciting way of eating. It's fun and easier than you might think. And EarthSave will give you support to help you succeed!

Numerous studies demonstrate that by eating a diet centered on plant-based foods we can lose excess weight, feel more vigorous, and reduce our risk of many serious health problems, such as heart disease and cancer.

It's easier to make positive changes in your life when you make a commitment - and have a support system to back you up.

Join other enthusiastic and friendly people around the world in making a fresh start...


Fill out the pledge form! In turn you can download the EarthSave Healthy Beginnings Care Package.

Use the support materials in our Healthy Beginnings Care Package to help you start today and make the transition to healthier eating habits.

If your community has an EarthSave chapter, attend EarthSave programs, classes and events to get information and support from others who are working toward the same goals.

Come back here to the www.VegPledge.com web site for support!

 Have fun and enjoy the great tasting food!!!

Report your progress at the end of the 60-day period. (We will send you the link to the online followup form via email.)

We'll give you a little incentive to help yourself and the planet. By taking EarthSave's VEGPLEDGE!TM you will get...

    The EarthSave Healthy Beginnings Care Package, containing support materials designed to assist you in achieving your goal.

    Reduction of saturated fat and cholesterol in your diet!

    A healthier planet by eating foods that use a fraction of the resources and create far less pollution than animal foods.

    The satisfaction of reducing the demand for products that cause the routine inhumane treatment of animals!

    A FREE six month subscription to Vegetarian Times Magazine!(offered only in the U.S.)

Choosing a Plant-Based Diet is good for our planet and all its inhabitants!